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Thread: lead or copper

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    lead or copper

    ok i see this subject has been covered but as its my first post what the heck. was wondering what fellow hunters/stalkers thought about copper bulllets good thing bad thing. is copper just as efective as lead or not as good as lead. having bought some copper bullets and paying more for 50 copper bullets than you would for 50 lead bullets.

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    There were some tests done in Shooting Times with both lead and copper on ballistic gel, lead was better in general. There were two types of Barnes copper bullets used, plastic tipped and hollow points, I seem to remember the hollow points were the better of the non lead bullets.

    I have had this debate so many, many times when lead was banned for shooting ducks/wildfowl with. I would not give you a thank you for steel shot, but love hevi-shot. Very expensive to buy, a bit cheaper to reload. The previous Government, bless them, signed us up to an EU treaty that promised to reduce the amount of lead going into the environment. Shooting was an easy target. BASC, despite what the nay-sayers bleat, fought hard for the partial ban on lead shot and continue to fight for the retention of lead usage in shooting. But I am afraid that I think it is only a matter of time before lead (in anything) will be banned.

    Barnes continue to lead the way with their bullets, but others are catching up. The more produced, the more the cost will come down which will be good for us reloaders.

    It seems that even though lead is the most effective and therefore humane material from which to produce bullets counts for nothing in the eyes of the tree hugging, Bill Oddie loving, anthropomorphising, do-gooding busybodies who want to rule the world.

    Yours in a very "eeyore" frame of mind,

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    lmao..thanks flytie. yeh i have shot with the barnes copper hollow points and have some of the ballistic tips on order. will be intresting to see the efects on reds.and foxie loxy.

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    Stoker, have a look at the Nosler E non lead originally made for the California tree huggers, it seems to be the bees knees.

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    I have very limited experience but have had quite a bit of discussion and advice on this one. I have both lead and copper bullets, I have only shot one deer and this was with a copper bullet, a Barnes hollow point 130 g .270 home load and it did the job very well. The main things that seem to have crystalised in my mind on the issue are:-
    1 trees do not like copper bullets
    2 providing there is adequate expansion of the bullet does it matter what its made of
    3 copper is lighter than lead therefore copper bullets are longer and there may be some stability problems so twist rate etc may be a factor, especially in smaller calibres, but a good group is a good group.
    4 it seems bullet placement rather than what its made of is the issue
    5 there is debate re lead contamination of the meat where a lead bullet has fragmented but I am not aware of loads of us going down with lead poisoning
    6 if you are confident in the bullet the rifle and yourself the shot will be better, so use what you prefer

    Barnes have a web site showing the performance through gel etc thats quite impressive, but does the quarry care shot is shot I think.

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