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    Call Ducks

    Hi all, I know this is a stalking site but has anyone had any experience of using call ducks on a flight pond. If so did you use a single duck or a pair and were they released at any specific time of year?

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    hi tony i tried them once but didnt make things any better mate.just feed regular and they will keep coming,i just scatter the corn in the shallows they have to work for it and it takes them longer to shovel it all up.i usually start feeding about the middle to end of august but i never shoot them in september has there are to many young ones about,then by the end of october you have plenty of nice high fliers good luck mate.

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    hi tony
    there are a few problems using call ducks as i hav found in the past here are a few that i hav encountered
    always release at least as many call ducks as you plan to hav evening flights as atleast one will get shot on each night , depending on how many guns are present
    try and use white ducks as they are a bit easier to reconise from the colour when in flight (some times)
    if you plan to clip the wings then try muscovy crosses as thery are bigger than a normal duck and easier to reconise by the size when trying to shoot a wounded one on the pond, but the if wings are clipped then a dog may peg one and a fox will certainly reek havoc
    as for the best time to release is dependent on what age you can get the ducks at 7 weeks old is probaly the best as then they can't fly at that age and so get used to the pond and treat it as home, if they survive for a good few years ,even breeding there
    the other thing i use is an electronic feeder, as the call ducks and other water fowl, plus the rats will eat a lot of your barley if left in the shallows day and night this way you feed a specific amount half hour before dark ensuring the ducks are not coming in at all hours and encouraging them to come in at the time you need them to,
    you also don't waste to much food as the price for grain is just spiraling
    hope this is of some help

    tika you are just lazy
    to many young ones more like just can't be bothered to pick the pin feathers out , damn the hurt my fingers
    mind you an october mallard does look good on the plate and produces some good sport , as they usualy hav been shot at and know the score

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    I've never had the need to resort to this if they're going to use the pond then call ducks will make little difference. As tikka says feed the pond from August onwards, use a few decoys but most important is not to overshoot it. No more than once every two weeks and better once a month.

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    i have one of those lecky feeders aswell stone,they are for the pin feathers in september mate when you finish pulling them out you find theres nothing left they are that small just all feather.i surpose you get plenty in september stone when they just keep flaping and dont get any where

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    just for tika my friend
    these are what you call flappers

    and a few more

    they are 2 weeks old and some of the thousand or so we rear from day olds
    can't wait for the 1st sat in september

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    i bet they will be getting through a bit of grub in a few weeks mate,i just feed the wild ones,they fly faster.

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