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Thread: Predator control

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    Predator control

    Anyone had any experience of these devices please?

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    morgy yes used very similar when i was in iraq different vermin i know but same principle lol and yes very good and will advise them to any 1

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    Thanks for the reply, it seems 4 legged animals cant see the light

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    wow, that's got me interested....... how much are they?

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    Paul at Barony, the ND3 appears to be £299.00 through to £325.00 dependent where you go.

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    Am I missing something? The video clearly shows a green shaft of light which if I can see it surely foxes etc can too or is the shaft of light just for the demo vid? at £300 its expensive.

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    a good lamp £100,that's a saving of £200= £100 on ammo and £100 in the pub

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    I have a good lamp and dry battery pack, the cost was closer to £200.00 and of course it is a damned sight heavier to carry about than this device would be. I'm told that the laser, due to the focus does not give peripheral light, and, therefore, doesnt scare anything either side of the beam. I dont have any experience of the laser hence the question and the boar in the video dont seem to notice the green light? Can foxes see the laser beam, indeed in the first video there is no beam showing just a circle of green light on the interviewers hand?

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    Sorry if I am being thick here!!

    Is this a light than can be used for lamping with your regular day scope (as per your usual hand held lamp) or does it require some additional NV set up?



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    from what i can make out its a torch which animals or at least pigs cant see? and doesnt need any modifications to your scope, basically a green torch with a specail bulb..........i think

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