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    Northern Constabulary

    Just had 2 young cops [feeling old now as they all look young nowadays] to do my renewal, took 15minutes + 20 for a cuppa, checked serial numbers etc. , few simple questions, no word of acreage etc like some have to endure. simples

    However a couple of my fellow syndicate members got a heap of grief from 2 plod last night while out lamping, they claimed it was the wrong time of year to shoot foxes and who the hell would put pheasants in a wood on the "glorious 12th"

    1 plod also claimed that firearm safety was his forte?????

    A complaint is being sent to HQ, lets hope the actions of one supercop doesn't affect the great firearms dept. we have here.

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    Northern are the 3rd Force in as many years I've dealt with, hassle free, no P*sh about random conditions, just straight down the line, yes or no, although, I've not had a "No" from them yet. As you say "Simples".

    Surprised at the over enthusiastic 2 police that gave the lads grief, especially when they are all legal.......

    Would be intresting to find out the consequences of the complaint, not that we ever would.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    My recent renewal went along the lines of this

    M=me, P=FEO

    m. hello come in, how are you, would you like a cuppa?
    p. hello, very well, no I’ve been drinking them all day.
    m. ok, what next?
    p. we need to have a chat.
    m. ok, would you like to see my guns?
    p. no I’ve been looking at them all day, you still going to “A” and “B”?
    m. yes, and a few other places!
    p. getting on all right?
    m. yes thank you, can I have another rifle
    p. what sort?
    m. 22-250
    p. you’ve already got one!
    m. that’s a spare barrel for the R93, I’d like, I mean I need a complete rifle in that calibre
    p. that makes sense, how much ammo do you need?
    m. same as before.
    p. don’t you want more?
    m. not really.
    p. ok, I’ll get it sorted.
    m. thanks very much see you in 5 years, have a nice night.
    p. and you, goodnight!

    No mention of dsc, permission letters, ammo useage or anything else, new cert arrived within the week. Top tip, always have them round last appointment of the day, they wont stay too long and the sugar levels are dropping – they’ll agree to almost anything!

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    Two weeks ago my variation when like this BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA for about 1 1/4 hrs then said YOU Wrote to Shootting times didnt you ( i had six reminders pop through the door all at the same time ) yes i said i was a bit worried. He said his Manager was abit upset but wouldnt hold that against me ! Ho good i said, still waiting for my FAC and SGC to come back, phoned on Monday and asked for a cover cert. Going up to the meet in Monmouth on the 22nd for Help the Heros and meet some of the guys on the forum,now friday still waiting.......


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    I was very lucky with grampian, they were very sensible, central Scotland a little more tricky, but then I suppose they have a town called dunblane nearby.......

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