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Thread: sporting or not?

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    sporting or not?

    I have a 1500 acre permission. It is roughly square with a lot of thick hedges and small woods, as well as 2 main wooded valleys and quite a lot of open ground. It has a head of roe on it and the cull is to be a round 10. I have so far taken 1 buck.
    The question is this--- the ground has a road that runs around it and has a few very good vantage points. It would mean you could either sit in the vehicle at a suitable vantage point until a deer is spotted and then drive to a point of access and then stalk in or you could drive round and round until a deer was sighted and then stalk in. Is this sporting? What would you guys do? (please just give me what you would do I will make up my own mind what I will do!! )
    The alternative is to spend a lot of time walking about in non productive areas.

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    As long as it's safe, legal and humane then it's up to your conscience whether it's "sporting", if you're happy with it then fine.

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    Sounds like a comfie high seat option......plenty of people do high seat shooting and there are no complaints.......If that's the best way to achieve the cull then so be it. If you stay at the vehicle and shoot, what's wrong with that? Or as you have said, you could drive to get slightly closer then stalk onto the deer, still need that skill level to get close enough.

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    To me it much depends on the situation and if needs must...

    if there's a job to be done, and 10 head need shot before X date then use whatever means are in your power to safely do this... comfy Landy, high seat, stalk, whatever...

    if however (and this is my reason for shooting) it's all about the entire event and an excuse to get out into the field then my preference is to stalk the land whether successful or not... there's always another day... just being in the country is my pleasure (I don't get enough of it)...

    I guess though if you're on the land enough you'll know the main areas of deer use and can then avoid the "unproductive" areas...

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    Used a similar approach on an estate in scotland (roe only) would sit in the 4x4 on the top of a big hill and glass the local area. when an animal was spotted we would drive down and drop off 500-1000m short and stalk in. the only differance from speculative stalking is you know you are definately in to an animal you can still bump it if you ar clumbsy.

    good luck


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    I think what you are talking about is the distinction between a purely sporting activity - ie stalking for the shear pleasure of it, as opposed to something approaching "management" - ie you have 10 bucks to cull out, and now feeling a bit of pressure to achieve this.

    I see no problem using the car for scouting and then parking and finishing the stalk on foot. Can't see much point in walking pointlessly around just to say you walked from one boundary to the other rather than drove.

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    I would use my truck as a doe box till deer routes are established then use high seats perhaps over looking these.
    I have never found drive by shooting appealing.

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    i have shot from my 4x4
    and i have walked and walked and then shot.

    for me the essence of stalking is captured in "Stalking" i find my days far more enjoyable when i am navigating dry stone walls, hedgerows, and basically getting down and dirty in the mud and grass.

    my 2 cents

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    John, I don't think there was any suggestion of resting the barrel on the wing mirror
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    definately not, I shoot much better off the bonnet

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