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Thread: rta deer despatch

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    rta deer despatch

    The only deer I've ever come across which have been involved in road accidents have been stone dead at the side of the road but in case of coming across an injured one what is the best way to despatch it?.

    I'm not confident finding the atlas joint and putting a knife in,especially if there are antlers thrashing about. Also how do you stand legally for this sort of thing especially if some tree-hugging type reports you. I've checked another thread and some seem to have insurance for this sort of thing?.


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    BASC will give you an extension to your insurance if you have cover from them and I believe others may do similar. This is free normally. You need to speak to your local FLO as different areas have different rules, but generally you need to be registered and on a call-out list. I know some even prefer DSC level 2. There is guidance on the various best paractise websites and some training courses too, which again, some police forces will insist upon. First thing to do is speak to your FLO.

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    I could be wrong here, but I get the opinion that Private Fraser is talking about happening upon a struck deer, rather than being called out to one?

    That being the case, on the couple of occasions that it has happened, and the animal has been beyond hope for whatever reason, I have felt morally obliged to end its suffering and have done so. I have also been 'lucky' enough that the animal concerned has taken such a belt, that it is either incapacitated by its injuries or maybe shock.

    I understand your reticence in searching for the atlas joint, if you are not used to finding it and (though I stand to be corrected over the methodology) I was told by a very experienced guy that lifting the front leg and cutting down from the front leg to the breast bone between the ribs will almost certainly cause unconsciousness and death in very short order by massive blood loss.

    As for the legality of dispatching a deer without somebody's say so, or insurance for it, I had neither and to date it hasn't caused me a problem, and to be honest even if I knew it would I would rather justify to a third party why I dispatched a wounded animal, than try to justify to myself why I didn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hughsurrey View Post
    I would rather justify to a third party why I dispatched a wounded animal, than try to justify to myself why I didn't.
    Well said.

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    Does anyone have a sure fire method of finding the Atlas Joint?

    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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    i thought the dispatch now is to cut the throat as for the reason being people have trouble finding the atlas joint and tend to cause more suffering in finding it.....

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    .22LR if i'm called out.
    If you do use a knife some problems can be due the style of knife being used, I use a long thin fillet knife into the atlas joint, try it with the next few deer you shoot(dead of course to test).

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    An old stalker in Devon showed me a quick method of despatch was to feel down the chest and find the inverted 'U' where the ribs meet and push your knife straight into the chest and swing it side to side, this cuts the heart and gives a very quick death.

    This is much quicker than cutting the throat.

    Whilst I have found this very effective, I have only ever done roe deer, I've never done anything bigger.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gully View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by hughsurrey View Post
    I would rather justify to a third party why I dispatched a wounded animal, than try to justify to myself why I didn't.
    Well said.

    Untill you happen across such events for the first few times , you won't actually realise how under prepaired you are
    the sight of a deer just lying there almost motionless just looking aimlessly at what is going on around surrounded by people who don't know what to do or who to call, some sobbing whilst trying to comfort children who are screaming
    you first notice the panic and confussion as you walk
    so you take the initiative and hav a better look, whilst trying to take control of the situ
    you go back to the motor and fetch a coat or something similar to place over the deer's head and also to shield the veiw of the onlookers ,
    and a knife presuming you do hav one in the motor
    that is when you hear the sounds of hysteria creeping in
    comments like " Do you hav to" or " We are trying to get hold of a vet"
    you hear some one say "How cruel"
    you don't know if thats directed at you or the situ in general
    you go to stick the deer as a silence falls or your mind becomes oblivious to the noise, and it starts to kick out
    you hear the gasps as they break the silence
    the deer lays motionless and you feel a sense of relief, aswell as anger
    a person says "Thank you" another says "Sorry"
    Now what do you do with the carcass
    wait for everyone to leave whislt you wait
    once gone do you take it or kick it under the hedge/ leave it where it is
    you get home and later that night the door bell goes
    2 policemen stood there wanting to ask you questions about an alledged incident earlier in the day relating to animal cruellty
    your jaw drops ,your the heart sinks and the mind now boggles as to what has been said
    You think about your guns and your ticket, about what actually happened , who was it that called the police
    the nightmare

    All this because of trying to help some one else you may not even know or will ever see again

    just be carefull you don't get too caught up in the moment of an RTC
    If you can help , then do so
    otherwise walk away and call the police
    let them deal
    trying to justify to the police or a judge why you acted in the way you did is far harder than justifying to yourself why you did not
    then there's the backlash loss of ticket and weapon/s
    I find that justification enough for Myself as to why I hav not on some occassions

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    When I was a lad I was going on a fishing trip in a friends car when we came on a small crowd in the middle of the road. A small Roebuck had been hit by one of the vehicles and was lying in a pool of blood on the road. It could only blink but when anyone touched it it blared as only a terrified animal can. An elderly man walked out of the crowd with a knife declaring himself to be "a surgeon from the hospital". He bent down and cut the throat. Immediatly the buck thrashed his hind legs forward in a reflex kick. His sharp hoof caught the man on the forearm and split him to the bone for about six inches. You can imagine the scene. Brianm-- I would hesitate to stab the Ziphoid as you have described seeing this lesson even in a Roe. In bigger species....well you are asking to be killed. David

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