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Thread: Chiller servicing

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    Chiller servicing

    A useful contact for anyone needing a service or re-gas for their chiller and who live in the South Wales area. I recently acquired a double door bottle chiller that needed a bit of attention but managed to do the electrical part myself. I contacted several companies around the area but was shocked at the prices they were quoting just to give the chiller the once over and then found this company in Blaenavon who do not charge any fee for a call out or for looking over your chiller and advising if it requires any attention. My chiller just required a service and re-gas and all he charged was 30.00 and he stayed behind for 30 minutes just to make sure that the chiller reached the set temperature.
    His name is John and the company is called, Chillit. Tel No: 07908 989588

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    Cheers EF you don't know if he comes across the bridge do you to just off the M'way at J17 by any chance do you?

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    He says he will travel a bit but give him a call and see what his range is. I know he has a shop in Newport Gwent so that is quite close to the severn bridge

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