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    Stalking Trip

    Would just like to thank John at yorkshiredeerstalking once again for another enjoyable couple of outings! Even thought the deer weren't playing ball and the weather didn't know what to do with itself!

    First day arrived and was picked up by John at 6pm and headed off to the chosen destination. Spoke to the keeper there and got a nice little tip off from him that there was some rutting activity just above the house, as he was walking his dogs, he spotted a young buck chasing a doe and his dogs were soon after challenged by a bigger buck not 20 yards away!
    So with that we quietly stalked up the wood in hope one of the bucks would make an appearance, we spotted the young buck out in the standing wheat and watched him hed over the brow of the field, got set up in the headland and waited for him to return to the wood for the night. 30minutes later still hasnt turned up and we still don't know where the little bugger went! By this time it was getting dark fast, so on the way back for the night checking the stubble fields for any signs, but again no results, not to worry theres tomorrow!

    Slept in an hour as I set the bloody alarm for 4:30PM not 4:30AM as I found out on the journey back home!!

    So got out by 6ish eventually, spotted a doe which has been with a buck recently so it was looking good so far. Moved in for a closer look and still no signs of the buck yet, we moved closer to get her attention and see if anything else appeared. There we go! another appeared, finally we found one, oh no wait it was her kid.
    But it did get the old heart going for a split second. By this time we called it a day and headed for breakfast, good crack of past events and stalking topics to finish off a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days.

    Many Thanks John!



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    Always a pleasure johnny, hope you are feeling better now?.
    We shot that big buck this morning which I was going to take you for but knew we were to late yesterday to get him.
    We had been there only 3 minutes when he showed and was a 7 pointer with x3 antlers shot at 5.53 by a chap off here and it was his first buck.
    Having been missed 5 times already I thought it was bullet proof. He was not.
    So hopefully the run of misses is behind me now(shot off sticks at 120m's ish it can be done).BUSINESS AS USUAL NOW.
    Think there maybe a write up soon when he gets home and stops shaking.

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    Got him at last pal. How big is he, any pics?

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    How was the weather yesterday? Didn't stop raining all the way back!
    Bloody wish my alarm went off now! haha
    ah well, I will just have to make another visit again!

    Cheers for the update,


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    he,s a beauty steve great video and pics trying to find driver discs to upload onto young ones laptop still not got mine back yet.
    never stopped raining all day johnny just crap.

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    Looks like it wants to rain some more up here!
    Can't wait to see the pics of him never got a real close up of him last year.

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    No its not the one from last year mate but the one which has been missed 5 times in the last fortnight and is moving about 6 a.m.
    He was early this morning it was a bad day for him.
    Like I said with you been late up he would have been gone.

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    Ahhhh that will explain it!!
    Well his run of luck finally ran out!

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