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    Gun Case NOW SOLD

    FOR SALE: Browning Gun Vault

    Described as a Browning Gun Vault by the guy who shipped a custom rifle to me from the US.

    Made of moulded black near indestructable(you could drive a 4x4 over it if thats what blows your kilt up) plastic

    Has a pressure relief valve for long haul flights.

    Wheels one end and handle the other + centre carry handle. Padlock hole either end and four latches.

    Thick foam inside, already cut

    Length 4' 6" - Width 15" - Depth 6" - Weight 11.5 kg

    100.00 + postage. Maybe able to deliver, depends on location

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    Yep, just what I need for christmas,
    I'm in Wiltshire so I bet delivery is out of the question
    you have PM.

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    Sorry, I pm'd you before I read your post.

    Wiltshire is not out of the question. I buy my spars from a maker in Wilshire and I meet him on the Cambs border when I have a delivery, but I have just had one so the next time I meet him will be in November. If you can wait that long I am sure he would fetch it back with him and you could take it from there.

    Just a thought


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    My first trip abroad, when I would anticipate using the case, is Nov 11th
    If it is before then, fine, if not my PM suggestion still holds.

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    Wowee ! Christmas has arrived early in my household
    Case arrived as promised, delivered by a chap in a Red Suit but no white beard (parcel force)
    Sent to me before receipt of my cash, trust both ways works, a man of his word.
    Thanks Max, really good service,

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