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Thread: Whats the Best lightweight waterproofs?

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    Whats the Best lightweight waterproofs?

    Hi Guys,In your opinon whats the Best Lightweight waterproof leggins/jackets to cover your breeks and fleeces etc.Ive heard of schoffel,berghaus mentioned can you suggest any other tried and tested brands.

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    I have some GRASSROOTS press stud leggings not waxed.
    They are light but water proof, used them for beating last year, easy to put on and take off, and quite tuff we have a fair amount of bramble, they are still as good as new.
    Mine were cheap [ 18 ] as they had a black marker pen line on them.

    I would recomend them

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    Watch the WHOLE video:

    No water AT ALL gets through this stuff, not in the past few months I've tested it anyway!

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    Deako mate,You cant wear cammo gear on a grouse moor,Needs to look smartish also.
    ATB John.

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    lol....the 'ranger' jacket is available in loden and is very smart.

    However, I am much to poor to afford grouse shooting!

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    Maybe Flexothane. I know it's not fancy, but it's light and very flexible. I once said in this forum that I got wet in it , but later I discovered that my jacket wasn't genuine flexothane , but a similar product. The design has to much stitches, wich are not sealed. A few friends have the genuine Sioen/Baleno Flexotane and are very pleased. The design has very little stitches. I just saw them today at euro 41.50 for the jacket and euro 25 for the overtrousers. It's rather resistant, but it's not a bramble outfit. Gunmount shouldn't be a problem.

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    Hello John

    You could try Harkila they have quite a bit of stuff in there Paclite range. It's all good clothing and the paclite gear folds up to nothing.

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    Have a look at Mountain Method in Cumbria,Basic designes but light and waterproof,they make you what you ask for!!

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