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Thread: Jonny Stewart Preymaster caller

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    Jonny Stewart Preymaster caller

    For sale. My Jonnie Stewart Preymaster digital caller. This is an awesome piece of kit which has assisted in me shooting over 20 foxes this year (I have written up a couple of them on this site). Only reason for sale is that Im planning to buy a fox pro caller for set up at 150 yards. As new condition, instructions included.
    Heres the spec:
    Will call in difficult foxes from long distances.
    Works extremely well on lamp shy foxes that run off too early.
    The Preymaster puts advanced calling technology in the palm of your hand.
    Featuring a digital caller with fingertip volume control, sound selection and interchangeable memory cards that let you switch sounds from one animal to another or even play two at the same time.
    Easy to read display
    Hand held water resistant key pad
    Comes with 12 predator sounds on 3 memory cards
    Weatherproof Speaker
    10 ft (3.2m) cord, and 50 ft (15m) extension
    Includes lanyard and detachable belt clip.
    I have a small hand held amp/speaker that I use when moving from field to field rather than using the big speaker (which is ideal when setting up in 1 position). I will include this in the sale.
    I paid 160 for the caller. On the 2 sites below its retailing at 140 plus postage

    [b]Buy Preymaster Digital Caller - shop at suppliers Scott Country"][/b[/URL]]

    Includes 3 memory cards(Further cards can be purchased for around 15) which include the following calls:
    •Desperate Cottontail
    •Pleading Chicken
    •Fawn Bleating
    •Coywolf Bark/Howls
    •Baby Cottontail
    •Distressed Rodent
    •Kid Goat Distress
    •Coyote/Grey Fox
    •Juvenile Cottontail
    •Gobbler Distress
    Looking for 100 posted(Now sold).
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