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Thread: ear plugs

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    ear plugs

    Hi all,
    The company i work for has agreed to allow me to purchase moulded ear plugs for all of my engineers. As a result i'm talking to a few different suppliers to see what i can get for my money (bearing in mind we are talking about 20+ pairs) when i decide on a company i will mention the site and see if a can blag a discount for anyone mentioning this site.
    No promises but i'll give it a go.

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    Ezzy nothing vetured nothing gained keep us posted as Im on the look out for a moulded ear plug.


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    me too especially after reading 325wsm's post

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    I need some as well so I dont hear the other half nagging me of hunting again are you

    YES !!!!!

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    Thanks Ezzy, I wouldn't mind a pair too!

    Many thanks.

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    ezzy,i have got a set i had done a few years back from a company called emtec i could get you the phone number if you cant find it.i think hes just a one man band but the service off him was great.very rare i take a shot without them.

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    Keep us informed ezzy,I need to sort something out soon.

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    Hi Tikka,
    I have a set from Emtec as they are just down the road and the guy that does the moulds lives in the same village as me so i will talk to them first.
    i will try and do it tomorrow but Mondays are a usually a bit manic for me at work.

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    ok ezzy,i remember him saying he does work for companys aswell as shooters.good luck

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    Ear plugs

    Hi all,

    I have spoken to Ian at Emtec, He will do a discount for anyone mentioning this site. Ring him for details but he says he will knock 15 off the standard price as long as you are reasonablly local or can go to him.
    If you are interested talk to Ian on 07882816256
    I hope this is of use to some of you.


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