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Thread: Start as you mean to go on

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    Start as you mean to go on

    Well, this was it, my first ever deer, stalked with IanF that was the perfect end to a superb couple of days during which I learned a lot, shared excellent food and good banter in a fantastic part of the world.

    I had arranged a couple of days with Ian and Jo-the first day was mostly a zeroing/practice session with Ian, plinking with a .22LR and then moving onto his .308, doing positional work and generally making sure I was up to the job. Jo also supplied us with cracking venison during this, and a very pleasant evening was spent ********ting about the pleasures of getting up at Christ O'clock in the rain to shoot deer/milk cows. We got an outing to see 2 roe does in some compact rush, but no luck on seeing any bucks

    The first outing was succesful in the sense that I had an excellent time and saw some evidence both of wild boar and plenty of fallow.

    The final outing was after the rain that had settled in during the day on and off had cleared and the sun was shining, so we could expect some like rabbits after rain after the sun on their backs! We spotted some roe from a ridge looking over Ians permission in the Jurrassic coast, including one chasing a doe about (the tail end of a not massively impressive rut I suppose). That's one thing I love about roe-their Rut is basically bucks refusing to get the hint when the doe is running flat out! Anyway, we then moved down and preceded to stalk along the hedgeline along where Ian had predicted them to be moving, sacrificing the wind direction for not being lit up by the sun. We saw our buck moving right to left, and proceeded to stalk to a position with gently undulating Dorset pasture (well, silage ley) as a backstop. Once position was reached however, it became apparent that Mr. Roe had had other ideas and returned the way he came...

    Ian called a couple of times, sounding like a flirtatious doe, but evidently he had not couched down in the grass ahead of us, so we crossed over the hedge and prepared to stalk back up to see what else had come out of cover. That was when we saw him, making his way right to left again. I prepared for a sitting shot (my favorite position, having started as my least favorite the day before) however the buck did not present a suitable target at that point, out at about 100 yards and not stopping long enough for a broadside shot. He crossed through the hedge into the next field, allowing me to take a standing shot, off sticks and standing half up a hedge, at 80 yards with sufficient elevation to allow the field to act as backstop. Through the scope I saw him drop immediately and throw his head up.

    Ian then took the rifle and we stalked up to him-he had dropped dead immediately, his heart destroyed by the 150 grain .308-still with unchewed white clover in his mouth, birght red arterial blood splattered behind him from the exit wound.

    What can i say other than massive thanks to Ian and Jo for a fantastic couple of days, gorgeous food, great banter and interesting company topped off by an unforgettable first roe buck (and first deer) taken after a brilliant stalk in the county I was brought up in!

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    What a great account of yet another first.

    Well done allround


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    Congrats all round..

    Great set up Ian and Jo have and youll not beat little Jo's venison dinners.


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Cheers guys-I was about to message you Terry, as it was you who recommended Ian to me last year. You gonna be at Dorset County show this year?

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    Just had a fab day at the Ellingham Show ( Somerley Park ) today

    Great show and one to put in the diary for those that missed it or hadnt heard of it ..

    Send me a pm with your number and ill give you a call

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    well done

    cant beat the smile of a stalker with his first deer..

    hope their is many to follow.


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    Well done mate and the smile says it all. Hope its the first of many

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    The smile say's it ALL well done to your self and all concerned

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    I couldn't think of a better set up to visit for your first deer, or a better duo to take you out either.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    A nice first beast! Hopefully many more to come!



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