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Thread: fastex or slick 50

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    fastex or slick 50

    I was talking to a friend last night about a product called fastex.I had some and he still has some, i have used it on air rifles and on my 22 and 223 barrels with good effect. He rates it as well as they used it in the forces. Then i mentioned slick 50 and what effects it has on the barrel

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    Don't you wonder why Fastex barrel Lube disappeared so quickly?

    Their case lube was good and I am still using it but the barrel lube well. Let's just say problems were found with it under the coating and suddenly they stopped trading it for a few years then tried sneaking it back onto the market.. I feel they were worried about law suits and ran for cover. I had tried it to help reduce copper fouling in one particular rifle. The bore is just a wee bit tighter. I would never use it again though.

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    I use Slick 50 in my 1859 Sharps Business Rifle to "season" the bore for the black powder. Makes cleaning easy. When I apply it, I lube the bore liberally, stand it muzzle down while it sets, then wipe out every speck of the lube. I never use an oily lube with modern cartridge guns. I'd hate to have any end up in the chamber.~Muir

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