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Thread: I did it again

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    I did it again

    Not paying attention that is. Up here in the miserable land of wet and midges it was nice yesterday so not unnaturally I was drawn into the forest in the late afternoon. It was beautiful with just enough wind to keep the midges off but not be offencive. So I parked up and set off.

    Today was different, I did not take my quad with me which meant I was on shank's pony, as some of you now I do not ride that particular beast very well so it was not long before I was sat on the heather just enjoying the forest. The only thing to spoil it was the flies, it is the time of year for the bloody things they don't bite or anything just annoy. I had sat there for about half an hour or so then set to with the buttalo, my plan was to have a call sit for another 20-30 mins and then move off. Well I was just sitting there waiting for the sex mad bucks to arrive going flat out when, as usual, I started to get absorbed in other things, the first thing was a noise in the plantation behind me that was in all probability a deer moving, a buck? may have been but I never found out. Then the wood pigeons started, I don't know how many there were no more than a dozen I bet, but it was so quiet and still there could have been hundreds!

    Then there were noises coming from under the grass and heather, some wee beastie was having a root around in there, never did see it but from the noise it must have been a Shetland pony sized mouse or shrew or vole or some such thing. Then I heard a sort of whirring dry rustling sound that I could not place turned out to be a dragon fly's wings as it was nipping about in the heather, never realised how noisy they were. I have no clue how long I was sat there absorbed in all of this. I then lifted my eyes and about twenty yards away I spotted an ear and true to form there was a deer connected to it. There was a Roe doe standing there looking at me, I did not want to move because I knew that the minute I did it would break the spell and she would be off. So there we were just looking at each other, so I said to the deer, "how are you today" she stamped her foot showed me her arse and was gone in an instant. I thought it was best to go home then, after a touch of the Dr Doolittles like that whisky is called for.

    How many of the tree hugging, bath dodging brigade that always give us such a hard time, ever get into the woods or up the hill to enjoy what they always reckon we are out ruin for everyone. They would probably be afraid to sit in a forest on their own, too many noises. I'd love to put them in a forest just as night fell and a Sika whistled, that would would make the adrenalin brown!

    If only they knew what we know, saw what we see, experience what we do I am sure they would benefit. Mind you they would have to get out their pits to do it

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    John, a very good description of what many of us enjoy, it's not all about physically taking stuff home, but maybe just taking some sensory stuff away with you, as to the little noises, anyone ever heard a wasp gnawing on rush stems?
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    Good read I couldnt agree more...

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    What a lovely story I was enthralled

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    A story that could only be understood by people who know and appreciate the countryside...

    Thank you John very pleasant...


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    Excellent read. Have you thought of putting your thoughts on paper within a flycover???????

    The grass can continue growing I am off to the forest this afternoon.

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    Well said really, the amount of non-shooters that i tell ''its not about shooting deer''. They all laugh and think that im saying it tongue in cheek.. I cant think of one stalk ive been out on and come back not learning something new or seeing something i rarely see, whether its a pine marten hunting squirrels 5yds away or a woodpecker, or a cuckoo or just having 'moments' with deer like you say John. Deer stalking is a best kept secret.. lets not tell the tree huggers about the other benefits, they may want to spend more time in the woods!

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    What a lovely story. Its all these little things that make everything else worth while and a lot of the rubbish of modern life ok, thank you.

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    Cracking story, and all too familiar. It is easy to become distracted when your completely emerged in a great place with wildlife in abundance. Sounds like a lovely place to while away the hours.


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    Superb write-up. I often get asked how I can spend hours in a high seat, isn't it boring? No way, there's always something going on, and it's always different. Let all the youth of today keep playing their computer games, we'll just enjoy the great outdoors!

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