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Thread: BASC Deer Quiz

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    BASC Deer Quiz

    Here is the new online deer quizz on the BASC website. Question (7).

    7) Which of the six species of deer found in the UK originate from India?

    a) Chinese water deer
    b) Fallow deer
    c) Muntjac
    d) Sika

    The answer apparently is Muntjac?

    I thought that our British Muntjac came from China. Indian 'Muntjak' were brought to Woburn but were found to be too aggressive and were culled out.
    God I'd hate to think BASC cocked up again!

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    This is what Wiki has to say on the subject:

    I'd always assumed ours were Reeves, don't know why.

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    Frax they are (Muntiacus reevesi).

    BASC are wrong.

    How can an organisation this big and supposedly 'Guardians of the British Countryside' manage to balls up like this! Amazing!

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    Rory putman agrees that they are chinese
    damn is there nothing that we import that is not made in taiwan

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    Yep they are Reeves Muntjac. Indian Muntjac are bigger and were introduced first by the Duke I believe, before the Reeves Muntjac was introduced. At least thats what I was always led to believe, although I have never bothered to look it up.

    Lets face it deer are not BASC strongest point are they. They are more for bird shooters, not that I have a problem with bird shooting, I like it but do very little of it these days.

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    Yes the Indian Muntjak were the first on the Woburn Estate but they were considered rather agressive after an incident where a muntjak killed a couple of the Estates dogs. So they were all shot.

    Maybe the Muntjac are just too common for BASC to take much interest in, a bit like most of us!

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    Lol Ive just posted similar on the wildfowling site Im a member of and a basc strong hold!! Tin hats on Im going to get pelters


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    Bring it on! The battle field will be awash with cravats and claret! They know sod all! I left school with two 'O' levels Art and Biology, but at least I know the difference between Muntjak and Muntjac. I've got to think of another anagram for BASC.

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    I've got to think of another anagram for BASC.
    Ill help SCAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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