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Thread: New H.D Binos'

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    New H.D Binos'

    Thinking of upgrading my Swarovski 8 x 30 Binos, are the new H.D. models worth the money or is it just a new fangled gimick?
    I would be intersted in all your comments and veiws
    Cheers Porky 308

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    I have just bought a pair to replace my Zeiss 10 x 56 Night Owls and the only difference I can discern is the weight and the feel of the rubber coating
    The case probably makes up 30% of the cost of the new Swarovision bins and is also bulky.
    One of the good things I find about the new Bins is the ability to lock the eye cups when pulled out for normal use, I have another pair that when pulled out and put to your eyes drop back in which I found a bl***y nuisance.
    No I don't think they are worth the money and, I was told, there isn't a lot of room within the profit margin for retailers to move so don't expect a big discount
    I have bought mine now but I would hope that after a while the price might drop.
    I certainly wish I hadn't sold the wife, the dog, the car, my dignity and everything else I needed to sell to afford them

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    Thanks EMcC for your honest veiws, i looked at a pair at "The London Camera Exchange" in Salisbury but the mistake i made was that i never took my 8 x 30 to compare, the swarovision seemed very good but i did bulk at the price of 1600, you know what it's like with us Stalkers-- you've got a little bit of cash and you are always on the lookout for something to give you the edge.
    I suppose i might just stick with my 8 x 30 for now.
    If you traded yours back now you would only get enough cash back to buy the dog and car so you would still be stuck doing the cooking and cleaning yourself !!!!!!
    Cheers, Porky 308
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