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Thread: Wild boar in Sardinia

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    Wild boar in Sardinia

    The island is full of them. There are millions of cork oaks & the pigs root around for the acorns. You can see pig strike marks in the ground throughout the extensive forests. They are out of season at the moment but I was invited up to see how they keep their dogs 'hot' throughout the non shooting season.
    There are boar inside a fenced padlocked acre of very dense scrubland & they turn up on a Sunday morning and take turns to let their dogs with sheepbells loose. It is quite disconcerting to hear the trotters of a wildboar chasing towards you through scrub where you can only see 1 meter in any direction and the dogs in full voice.
    The pigs never gets put to bay & shulks under a bush somewhere when the dogs are knackered.
    They only use 12 gauge solid slug & practice in the off season on road signs with the village school as a backstop (at night after a few beers). Cinghiale (wild boar) are very integral to the culture of the mountain villages and the whole village gets involved in the hunt. I saw pics of a piglet suckling at its adopted sheepdog mother.The Sards are fantastic, warm & generous people and if you can ever arrange a hunting holiday with them you would never regret it.

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    I had a trip to Alghero a couple of years back, enjoyed it thoroughly enjoyed and would agree with everything you say about the people, very friendly.

    The only cautionary note I would add is that some of the guys could learn about muzzle awareness

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