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Thread: Humane dispatch ----urgent

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    Humane dispatch ----urgent

    Hi can anyone tell me if its legal to dispatch a cow with a shotgun that is lame and lay in a yard?

    I know I cant do this with a rifle as it breaches it possible to do it with a shotgun?

    I know its not possible to do it with a shotgun for a healthy cow as I asked DEFRA this last year and know you have to be licenced to do this with a captive bolt gun.



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    Difficult ground there mate, I had to stand by & watch a cow suffer in agony after doing the splits on a yard two weeks ago, the farmer was indecisive as if destroyed by other than a licensed slaughterman it cannot enter the food chain, I would say that if the owner of the animal gives permission on the grounds of ending suffering, (although lameness wouldn't come close) you would not be prosecuted, shotguns are used by the police for head shots with slug in close range situations, you really need the services of a vet, who can either treat or advise destruction. .............. the cow I would have shot had she been mine, expired after some excruciating pain over 45 minutes later when her heart gave out.
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    Hi Fin

    thanks for your reply. I just turned the farmer away and he understood as I told him it was a bit of a grey area and neither of us needed any come back from it, so the poor cow is suffering till he can get someone out to do the job. I was told by a couple of guys I know that they have humane dispatch on their FACs (though I have not seen their certificates) but even if they did have such a condition, it would be a rather dubious conditon and open to interpretation I feel. I am wondering if it is possible to get solid slug put onto my FAC for use with my shotgun? That way I may be able to help the farmers in the future? Can anyone shed any light on this one please? Be good to get this cleared up as when a farmer is asking you to help with a animal thats suffering theres quite a bit of pressure on you.


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    I think it is ridiculous that you cant dispatch a poorly animal because it is not written on your license.

    Surely no force would try a prosecution should it ever come to it?

    If you do ever have to do it then draw an imaginery line from ear to eye then other ear to other eye, where the two lines cross is the sweet spot
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    Dan, there is the added complication that the animal is in law, a domesticated animal, whereas we normally deal with wild stock, I have humane despatch on my B.A.S.C. insurance at no extra cost (just ask them to update your details), your F.A.C. is a different matter,...............also using a shotgun with solid shot / slug requires the correct choke / barrel configuration.
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    chickenman if you tap on this defra link then scroll down to the licence exemptions 3 it appears that you can dispatch livestock under certain cercumstances without a slaugter licence.
    However you would almost certainly need to have the condition added to your fac and i know a few on here already have it.

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    I thought it was legal for a farmer to kill animals if it's for their own consumption or for the well being of the animal.
    I do loads for farmers without a problem.

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    I have used shotguns for humane despatch over the years. All of them do the job, as a lad in the local slaughterhouse we always used a 410 on the bulls. A twenty does the job, Dan Gs where the correct place to shoot, is spot on. However, don't put the gun to its head, hold off an inch or so or you will blow the barrel up. Interestingly, I have just had a variation on my FAC had have just noticed that they have removed what I have alwys had which is "the humane killing of animals and the shooting of animals for the protection of other animals or humans" must check that out.

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    Hi les

    I was asked to shoot a bull for a farmer once for his own consumption, but when I looked into it I wasnt allowed to . First thing was my FAC didnt have cows on species specific.Also when I contacted defra they said for normal dispatch of livestock you must do a slaughtermans course ...if I recall part of this was to do witnessed killings and then you can be signed off. You also have to have a captive bolt stunner,I believe the animal must be bled to death after that has been used? It really is a minefield. I have just sent the humane slaughter society an email today to see if they can clear it up as such. Surley there is something that says if you see an animal suffering you can end its misery? I am lucky in the fact the farmer today understood , but I am sure , and I mean no disrespect when I say many farmers would quite rightly think, ..this guy shoots my land but wont help when I need a cow dispatching...

    Trouble is both we shooters and the farmers must watch our backs as there as so many out there who would jump at the chance to throw the book at us if we made a genuine mistake through kindess and compassion.


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