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Thread: Dog kennels

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    Dog kennels

    i have been working on encloseing and roofing my dog kennels. today i got it all finnished.

    Here is a little taxen bitch I'v benn training for a friend in England. She comes to England in july. She can do a 500mtr track with no problem and is going to be a great little tracking dog

    Here is my hunting taxen. He hunts roe and fox very well but is a bit half hearted if he picks up a hare

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    Wow Jagare,
    What beautiful little dogs! Can we have more pictures please.

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    Yes they are crackers, Ive always wanted a Teckel infact my mate breeds them but Ive heard they are very very time consuming.


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    bloomin eck
    thats bigger than the whole of my back garden
    just needs a few finishing touches maybe a few hanging baskets and possibly a sign just to add a bit of charm
    nice pics of the dogs , more are always appreciated

    i always wanted a teckle but after all i was told about them ,then being messed about by another breeder, i went for something i new about and had a lab, but a good working teckel from what i hav seen are fantastic , same as any breed i suppose
    you pays your money and takes your choice

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    The taxen make great tracking dogs. These are from hunting -tracking stock. The problem is you can't take them with you as a stalking companion as they will be away hunting.

    We have viltspår (tracking) competitions here in sweden and its a shame the little bitch is coming to England as i think she would be a viltspår champion in a couple of years.
    I made the mistake of hunting my boy before starting training for tracking. They don,t seem to be so keen to do the tracking once they have done a bit of hunting. A lesson learnt.

    My lady friend has a show cocker spaniel that in brilliant at viltspår.

    Now I've finnished the kennel I'm planning where the next kennels will go fo the boar hunting dog i intend to get hopefully later in the year.

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    Beowolf my mate as I said breeds them, they are very very head strong with great big personalities and are prone to rake and dissapear as jagare also said you need to be on them alomst 24/7 to get the best from them. But once youve got the best from them they are fantastic, train them to stay in the roe sack when your up the high seat, if I remeber correct I was told that the sack was an imporant prt of training as you can carry them in the sack and as I said when your up the seat the sack is left at the bottom with the dog in. They can track 48hr old sents and keep going as they are so game little dogs. I love the buggers to buts but unfortunately at presentI dont have the time to train 1. I dont have a deer dog at present as Im holding out for a teckel, but if the push came I think my spaniel wouldnt let me down.


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    I'v just laid a spår for the tax to follow this evening. It will be intresting to see how she does as its 9.30 and 22 degrees. If it rains on the spår that is no problem for the dog. This is the first time we have had a long warm spell since last summer.

    A picture of my Cocker Spaniel. I have always had springers before but he is a great working dog.

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    these are mine

    snipe is my 4 year old springer in the picture

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    You got that lawn laid then Stone. How is your foot? Have you managed to remove the garden fork from your foot yet?

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