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    Is it worth the money... i bought a Kodiak suit and it is still on the hanger! Heavy, restrictive, cumbersome and 500.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Is it worth the money... i bought a Kodiak suit and it is still on the hanger! Heavy, restrictive, cumbersome and 500.
    Worth every penny imo.

    why have you not tried it?
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    I have the pro hunter jacket, yes maybe it is heavy but it is designed to keep you warm and dry so you have to expect some volume... But as far as comfort goes its the most comfortable and well designed jacket I have had for outdoor use so far so for that reason would say it was worth the money...

    The truth is only had mine since March so not used it in the really cold weather but its waterproof can tell you that...


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    There ain't many jackets come with a 5 year fact, there ain't many cars that do!

    I use a lot of Harkila kit and I've never found anything to stand up to I type I'm wearing a pair of Harkila trousers, socks and shirt!

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    Can't fault it.

    I have worn my pro-hunter jacket and trousers every day of the season for the last couple and can't fault it (two pairs of trousers, even a stalker needs to wash things now and again!). All through this winter I was out every day and never came home cold or wet, and still passes as new from ten paces!

    I will buy another as soon as this one gets past it.
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    Very good gear, most of it not my cup of tea but you can't beat the Pro-Hunter range

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    I bought a Kodiak suit at the end of last year and first tried it out during the 'big freeze'. After years of making do in the clothing department I'm very impressed with the quality and warmth. Yes it's a bit on the heavy side but you'll not be running a marathon in it will you? Ideal for slow stalking and sitting up.

    After crawling over rock hard ground I liked the leather faced trousers so much I splashed out on a pair of the Oryx non-isulated ones - I think the canvas they're made from is just as tough as the leather reinforcing. Pricey, yes, but IMHO very hard wearing and worth it in the long run.

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    I can't fault the stuff. Dependant on size and my surplus I'd be making you an offer!

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    I have the pro hunter suit and like it. I had the trousers for a year and they leaked, returned and swapped without quibble by Malmo guns. It seems durable and although too warm and heavy for high exertion, (for me at least, although I am a little bit on the "cuddly" side!) it seems a good stalking/ferreting type outfit. Mine has withstood some foul weather.
    Hope this helps.

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