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Thread: Roebucks testosterone levels.

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    Roebucks testosterone levels.

    Need to know when bucks testos levels are highest. I think it is when shedding antlers. Can someone confirm please. Thankyou, Ed.

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    hi eddie,

    i suggest that you contact morena by pm and you will get your answer.


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    think its in july, but not 100% sure

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    the rut..... DSC1 question

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    Yes Agree the rut and i would think levels would be high when setting up territorys in late april may

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    Testosterone levels rise in bucks from the relativly low level of winter to a peak during the rut. This rise is due to a thing called "photo periodicity". The increasing day length has an affect on a gland in the brain, the pineal, which act via a cascade to affect the testies that produces testosterone. One of the first manifestations of this is the shedding of velvet. That is why bucks with damaged male organs can become "wigged" and never shed velvet which can grow till they die. When levels fall again in Autumn shedding of the antler and re-growth happens almost immediatly. David

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    It would seem that the time of the roe rut is the peak of testosterone secretion by bucks.
    It is accepted that a rise in this hormone level in spring is responsible for the hardening of antlers but a further higher rise in late July/ August triggers mating behaviour in this species.

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