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Thread: sierra 150 grain hpbt matchking

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    sierra 150 grain hpbt matchking

    Is this ammunition classed as expanding? Regards, Ed.

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    Doesn't look like it - it's a target round so shouldn't be used on live game.

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    Hi Eddie

    Ive looke into that before and its not classed as expanding...I believe its termed a dimple point? as only a tiny dimple and not a hollow. I contacted Sierra direct as I was told it could be used on live quarry but doubted this, this came back with the answer of no as they could not say how it would perform on quarry. If you are looking for a good expanding bullet head Sierra make Pro Hunters which in the case of my 6.5 are just as accurate as the Match kings....hence I used all my match kings to Zero and practice on targets, then fine tuned with the Pro hunters for use on game.


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    Another vote for Sierra Pro Hunters or Game kings if not available.

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    No, see clause 3.16 of the Home Office Guidance Note.



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    No, what you require is Game King.

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    Definitely not expanding.

    The hollow point is actually called a meplat and it is designed to reduce variance in ballistic coefficients rather than aid expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddie View Post
    Is this ammunition classed as expanding? Regards, Ed.
    The Home Office Guidance specifically names this ammo, but then you probably already know that. In said guidance, the Sierra MatchKing hollow point is described as not being prohibited. However, and I take it this was the point behind your posting in the first place the words "designed" or "adapted" to expand in a "controlled manner" are what determine the matter, not whether or not the Brand and Product are on some list. Interesting point eddie. Can a round using this bullet actually be "designed" or "adapted" to expand in a "controlled manner"? Frankly, I doubt if the admin on this site will allow you to discuss this much further.

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