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Thread: INTRO - this is a first

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    INTRO - this is a first

    Makes a nice change in some ways and certainly a civilised way of doing things , after all how many of us would wander up to a group of people (however likeminded ) and start gibbering on without introductions.
    Good evening , my names Steve , mid 40's now , started shooting when i was 7 - i was a very lucky boy , my best friends dad was the farm manager !
    I am a rifle shooter , i shoot in just about every colour of the spectrum , target ,vermin , rabbit , fox and deer ( hoping we will see some wild boar round here soon ).
    I reside on the Essex / Suffolk border and have access / permission over approx' 4000 acres , i 'earn' my Stalking from the vermin / rabbit / fox shooting plus beating on the estate shoot .I am DMQ 1 qualified together with an NRA RCO's ticket .
    Unfortunatly during the week i have to work as a surveyor , although this has led to some very useful contacts over the years , i don't dislike my job you understand , i would just rather be shooting .
    I hope to learn from the fellows of this forum , and very occasionally i hope i might be able to contribute something useful as well.

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    Welcome Steve! Are you in Wivenhoe by any chance?

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    Thanks for the welcome , born in that little town on the Colne and still residing in the same borough area -despite my best attempts to get the wife to agree to move into deepest , darkest Suffolk .

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    Welcome to the asylum


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    Enjoy the ride

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    You are a lucky boy ! Welcome to the Cuckoo nest !


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    Welcome to the site. If you do get any boar in Suffolk, try shooing them North to Thetford will you?
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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