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Thread: Advice on a knife

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    Advice on a knife

    Right I am in the market for a knife and feel as its my results day coming up and the grand parents tend to give some cash if all goes well a nice knife to keep may be a good thing to buy as a keep sake with the money. Now i know they are not cheap but i have been advice that Buck (the make) knives are good and have a life time guarantee is this true? do any of you use them? Another option would be an EKA swingblade. Do any of you use them? any good? any risk of it swinging onto my hand? I have been advised against a lock knife as i know someone who has had 2 fail on him. So what would you recommend? I am after a fixed blade sheath knife with a good stood to reduce risk of slicing the hand so what do you use and what would you recommend? also its 100 as a tip top budged as its going to be a real keeper


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    EKA Swingblade. Would never go back to any other knife, great bit of kit. I bet if you get one of these (for stalking), you will never want to change.

    That said, my Spyderco Bill Moran is a sweet tool...
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    You can look at the Boker Tree brand line of fixed blade knives as well. Another less well known make that seems well made and holds an edge are Cudman of Spain.

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    Buy 10 Clippers.

    I'm not being flippant...when you lose the first one you'll see why. Mind you, I suppose most people aren't as absent minded as me!

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    that should keep you occupied for a bit!

    A mora/fros clipper will do all you need in the field and you won't cry when it gets lost, however.............
    Fallkniven are the mutts nuts.

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    Dont waste your money on a swing blade they are crap for the money hard to clean and dont keep a good edge.
    Treat yourself to a nice Buck rosewood alpha hunter and an outdoor edge tripe knife

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    I got one of these 7 years ago, it's been a great knife, takes a great edge and fairly easy to sharpen.

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    Used a couple of Frost/Mora Clippers for years & they hold a good edge & as Frax & Piglet said cheap as chips but I recently bought a EKA Swingblade, great knife & works a treat. Sharpened up ok & a good scrub in a sink full of hot soapy water cleaned it up a treat.


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    Had a Moran, own a Eka (not a swingblade a swede 8) do yourself a favour and get a Fallkniven H1 off Ash on this site best production knife i have owned.

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