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Thread: Good afternoon everyone, what a beautiful day,

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    Good afternoon everyone, what a beautiful day,

    Good afternoon to everyone, what a beautiful, glorious day, the sun is belting down, the greenery is exploding into life, birdsong is drowning out the drum and bass from the subnormal next door, heaven, heaven,
    heaven; And the tits are out! and there are some crackers, seemingly everywhere,,they disappear in winter and now their back with a vengence. I`m looking forward to many months of watching them!

    They nest in the same place every year, just a missing piece of mortar in the brickwork. Two hatches last year,seventeen babies 8)

    So you see, contrary to public opinion, I`m not such a miserable old git. TONY M
    ps by public, I mean the wife

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    wot a nice thought ,
    this morning the local dawn chorous had me up 5am
    by 7 am i had finished laying the last 30metres of new lawn in the back garden then a bit of dog training with sika before the sun got to hot breakfast a quick look on here now going to try a few cold ones down my local
    wot a lazy day , fantastic
    hav a good un tony the OH just does not understand

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    I'm heartily impressed with the great amount of tits on display, all varieties everywhere you look! I never get bored of looking at tits. Long tailed are my favourite.

    And you lot thought I was going to make a rude comment about ladies fun bags! Shame on you!

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    Personally reading these three posts I think thats implied, no need to actually comment on the fabulous array fo tits around at the moment, the garden is absolutely over flowing with them. Must tell my sister to get her friend to cover up Well someone had to lower the decorum, if it wasnt beowulf it was going to be me lol.

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    The thought never crossed my mind!!
    It is an amazing time of year with everything bursting into life and breeding like mad.The only downside of the summer for me is when it gets hot and having to work in it all day and do my impression of a dripping tap!

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    Thanks for that Alled. Personally I don't like tattooed tits. I think that is a sin against nature. It’s like making a baby wear a 'Burberry' base ball cap and matching romper suit. In fact the later is usually seen being pushed around in a pram by the fore mentioned together with the obligatory fag hanging out the side of the mouth and the tin of Carling on the go. I hate Chavs! Natural tits every time for me, as nature intended them! It proves that God is male.

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    I agree tatoos on tits are not nice and probably very cruel imagine holding a small bird down while getting some big bloke to poke with a neadle for about an hour. The RSPB would have a field day. I always feel that being by a pool is the best place to observe tits Its the heat what I can I say.

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    Piercings are also a big ‘’ for tits. Imagine trying to fly out of your nest with a Knob ring through your beak and a tribal face tattoo covering you tiny little cute face. Terrible. As for tit gathering areas, outside the Royal Oak Public house at about 19.00hrs tonight. 'Make mine a Pimms'.

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    You need alcopops to attract the type of bird you have in mind. Pimms would merely confuse them. Agree with the peircings all though one in the belly can be attractive especially when viewed up close with binoculars. Uni was an ornathologists dream

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    superb chaps, my ribs are hurting, and to think I started this with a serious ornithological observation

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