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Thread: Not a recipe, but food related

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    Not a recipe, but food related

    Hi chaps, I'm looking for some advice.

    I've got some home minced venison in the fridge and it doesn't look too special! I was thinking that fresh meat, prepared the day after it was shot and kept chilled since should last for a good seven days? Am I wrong? The main cuts look and smell fine but the mince is definately not right. Where did I go wrong? I'm most annoyed that I've wasted it really, but I'm sure last time I prepped a Deer I kept a lot of it in the fridge for some time before freezing and it was ok. Maybe I ate the mince more quickly so didn't notice?

    So, how long do you trust it for before freezing?

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    If it smells ok then it probably is ok, it sometimes will go darker on the outside, as long as the fridge is kept at the right temp you should be ok.
    I have just processed a deer from 10 days ago, all jonts fine, as was the mince which i turned into sausages.

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    Oh it's most definately bad, it's hairy!

    I was just after a quick reassurance that I've messed up somewhere in the processing stage rather than being wrong about keeping it for that long.

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    Check out your mincer.
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    The bacteria that causes meat to go bad is only on the OUTSIDE of the steak/chop/fillet/haunch ie on the surface of the meat

    When you mince meat it spreads the bacteria all the way throughout the mince causing it all to go off at the same time.

    Here ends todays lesson
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    That would explain why the steaks have darkened nicely and the mince has gone green. I'm so annoyed, I recon I had a good 10lb of mince, all carefully fed through a Spong hand mincer!

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    Mince in a domestic fridge is only going to keep seven days if the air is fully exculded from the packaging ie vac packed. JC

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