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Thread: hornady 95gn sst 243cal

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    hornady 95gn sst 243cal

    just wondering if any one uses these whith or withought sucsess and what powder and how much i would appreciate your feedback thanks john

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    I chased around with RL-19 and got to 44.8gr at 10 thou off the lands. NB: Hornady say 44.0 is the max load for 95-100gr bullets. I couldn't get any repeatable results and gave the remainder of the box away so that I didn't keep burning powder and getting nowhere.

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    I have just purchased a couple of boxes of these due to my regular brand being unavailable I was hoping that sst's would behave and shoot in the same way as the ballistic tip Noslers . I have some H414and Varget to play with , rather hoping I can make some sense out of that lot. Brough

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    Had good results with 42 grains of vit 160


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    thanks to you all , will have ago with the vit 160 best wishes john

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    i use them with 35g of varget. .5moa, not to fast so less meat damage.will keep using

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    Have used them to good effect using 45g of N160

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