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Thread: The Crown Inn at Sarre

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    The Crown Inn at Sarre

    Hi All,
    For the members of the site that are going to Quex Museum next week. Can I ask where everyone is intending to dine Saturday night? The Crown Inn in Sarre is where most people will be staying so I thought it would be a good idea if we all had dinner together. If this is okay with everyone could you please post below how many of your group/family will be coming so that we can book the restaurant.

    Many thanks Steve.F

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    Me first then, Steve and Darinda, so two places.

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    me too
    1 place
    and better reserve a place for wadas

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    Go on put me down for a place as well, thanks.


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    Mr and Mrs Buckup as well and our hosts The right Reverand and Mrs Sikamalc.

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    1 place for me please.

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    MR B i have already booked myself . 222cwd . ellie in for the evening meal at the crown inn thankyou

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    Well done Mr.B

    I've been off the site for a week or two and just catching up now. I'll give you a call later.



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    I will be there on me todd, so book me for a seat at the table please!

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