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Thread: Missing Mums

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    Missing Mums

    Was out on Sunday morning after a Fallow buck so up early and in the high seat for first light. About 5.30 heard a lot of noise in the wood behind me and then had four Fallow does and seven young break cover and start to graze on the grass in front of me. The young were definitely all this years and there was definitely only four does. This group stayed in front of me for at least 20 minutes before wandering off to another wood about 400 yards away. None of the young appeared distressed or acted as though they were looking for a parent. I've heard that its possible for fallow to have twins but very rare. By these numbers 3 of the does would have had to have had twins but I can't believe this is possible. Any suggestions fellas.
    After this group had moved off went for a walk and got a pricket so a good morning all in all.

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    one of three things

    1, the fallow does have had three sets of twins.... lucky seeming as we had that bad winter unless they where well fed ?
    2, the fallow does where part of a larger herd and the extra mummies where somewhere else and would meet up later ?
    3, that's your lot mate and the missing mummies aint coming back ( i wont say the dirty word but, i like my eggs done that way) and the calves have joined on with there brethren ?

    atb f.

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    I would be suprised if there was anything mysterious or sinister about this and even more suprised if any of these were twins as this really is very rare even in high performance park fallow. More likely this was simply part of a larger group. Nice to see that you're noticing this though, most stories would have revolved around how you shot the pricket at ABC yards with an XYZ rifle! JC

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