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Thread: Fox Cage

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    Fox Cage

    Can any one recommend a trader/dealer/shop that sells a quality Fox Cage/Trap? I have seen them on fleabay and other sites but a recommendation is always better. They all seem to be around the 100 mark, a lot of money but over the years I have lost that amount in chickens and ducks.
    Last time home I shot 4 foxes on the ground around me but as they say " shoot one and 2 come to the funeral". I hate foxes and a trap is working 24 hours a day were as, I am only out a couple of hours.

    So if any one can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    I did see a web site that showed how to make them if you good with yuor hands you could save a few quid!! Ill have a look for you. I bought a magpie trap from a compant thats ell on fleebay which was quite reasonable, they may make one for you for less than 100. Ill post the link.
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    Here are the trap people

    Business Seller Information

    TRACY SMITHoak farm
    ip13 9ns
    United KingdomPhone: 01728621330

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    And here are some links to how to build your own. Look easy enough.

    Its a shame your not nearer Id happily come every night for a week to clear them for you....I have an open licence ans a very eager 22.250 so if Im ever up your way Ill give you a buzz

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    From what I know it is much easier to snare foxes with a midden pit than traps and cheaper too.
    Urban foxes can be trapped but rural ones have got sat nav and are trickier.

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    Hi Martin we made the fox traps on our shoot and they were very successful, simply make a cage, top, bottom, sides and back, out of anything you can lay your hands on, we used old sheep fences, at the open end attach a swing door hinged at the top so it can drop down. across this door towards the bottom attach two pieces of reinforcing rod which will drops into standard gate catches fixed at the sides. inside the back of the trap drive a wooden peg with a notch in it into the ground. make another peg with a notch that will locate with the one in the ground, in the opposite end of this peg attach a piece of string which goes out the top of the cage above the peg in the ground, tie the other end of the string to the trap door so that when the door is just above the horizontal the two pegs notch together and the door stays in the air, tie a piece of string in a loose loop around the top peg and around the neck of a paunched rabbit and your trap is set. When the fox pulls the rabbit the pegs part the door drops and locks, we used to set them around farm buildings the last thing we would do is get a garden fork with horse manure on it and touch all the parts that we had handled to remove human scent, we caught a fox almost every night, the whole thing was put together with garden wire, it is much easier to make than explain ps, we used two sets of catches to make sure the door stayed shut.

    regards geoff

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    Make sure that if you set a trap, to remain within the law you check it twice daily, (it's also a good idea to educate the farm cat)!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Thanks every one for the info. Very helpful.
    I have been using snares for some time now and had some success ( I dont want to go into anymore details)
    I have always checked my snares twice a day and will with the cage.

    Geoff, your idea does sounds good but cant see how the door locks shut, what stops the drop down bars/rods coming down to soon and missing the catches? I think I'll go down this route though, 2" X 2" steel mesh should do the trick.

    Stevinicks, thanks for the offer of your services and your trusty 22-250. I checked out the eHOW site and to be honest the instructions lost me.

    I think the trap length should be at least 5 feet long , 4' is a little too short in my opinion.

    Cheers lads.


    Happy Hunting

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    Hi Martin the peg driven in the ground and the peg on the end of the string attached to the door have notches in them that fit together and are kept in place by the weight of the door, if the top peg is moved the door drops down. if you screw a piece of 2x2 wood vertically on the cage each side of the opening then screw the gate catches to this, when the door drops the horizontal reinforcing bars which protrude a couple of inches each side of the door drop into the gate catches and the door locks, if i have not explained it clearly enough pm me with your number and i will give you a ring
    regards geoff

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    Geoff, I am offshore just now and the phones are bad.
    Does the door hinge or fall/slide vertically down, I can see what happens in the door just just slides down but if it hinges from the top and closes like a normal door , I cant see it!!!!


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