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Thread: Season 2107/2018

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    Season 2107/2018

    Posting this years trophies.

    so far managed this fat lady. weighed an absolute tonne. boy was she fat. Must be one of the ones taking my poultry

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    (is there any reason I cant post pics? I get an exceeds quota message)

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    Maybe it was just too fat.

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    But seriously, maybe there’s a limit on picture size. I expect someone will be along to say.

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    Happens to me fairly often. There is a limit to what you can have up in posts at any one time. You can go into your profile and see exactly what photos you have posted. Just start deleting to get more space and then you can post some more up.

    Go to settings then on the left down to my settings and attachments is near the bottom.
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    got three on sunday.. two in the morning and one in the arvo... my beagle worked hard.

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    Hi ileso just a heads up, coming to Portugal on Thursday for 5 days/ 3 days hunting wild boar. Whats the weather forecast for Grandola for the weekend please.

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    IPMA - Previs localidade

    nice weather now precipitation to none.

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