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    Tikka M55


    If anyone owns a Tikka M55 could they pm me please. I'm having a bit of trouble with the extractor, which I think is bent, and need a picture of it to confirm or carry on trying to identify the lack of extraction I have.


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    The quick way to tell if the extractor is bent is to lay a straight edge along its length. It should have full contact. The odds are if it is bent you will see daylight in the middle where excessive extraction force has been exerted & bent it up.
    The extractor material is ductile enough to bend straight. (I have recently straightened my M55 extractor as it was bent) Remove the extractor from the bolt, lay it its outside face on a hard flat metal surface Use a flat nose punch & hammer. Proceed with care as it is easy to bend it too far.


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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Any good ?
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    Thanks chaps, guess my extractor has a date with a hammer tomorrow ��


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    Yorric, JB1, Hussar - top blokes

    Many thanks for all your help, I'll test my straightened extractorout over the weekend.


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