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Thread: get well soon

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    get well soon

    just a quick word,steyr.243s mum was taken ill the other day incase a few of you were wondering where he has got to,i hope your mum is recovering nicely mate,take the both of you.

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    Yes get well soon Mrs Steyr243. I wondered where old Nick had gone. All the best wishes.

    Regards Steve.F

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    Aye, same from me too, get well soon Nicks mam.


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    give your mum our best wishes nick, hope she is better soon my friend

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    Hey Nick sorry to hear about your mum, I hope she makes a speedy recovery and is soon back on her feet. Stay well my friend and hope to see you back down this way at the weekend.

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    Thank you all for your kind words i really am moved.
    My mum is on the mend, Thank god but it did really come as a bit of a shock to me, Unfortunately as i had said to andy on the phone i am not good at coping with people when this sort of thing happens & tend to try & shut off a bit from whats going on around me
    Thankfully she is not as bad as we 1st thought & should recover well, I hope anyway.

    I really must appologise to you as i wont be able to attend the museum trip this weekend & support you along with the rest of the motley crew. I have a place booked for the clay shoot, Deposit is payed so please offer this to anyone who wants it! Just make sure they win because i want a swig of that whiskey I need to go visit my mum & get her new house sorted out for her this weekend, Hope you all have a great time & all goes well.
    Thanks again my good friends
    I will be back on here next week & read all about it

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    Hey Nick, no apologise needed my friend. There will be other times down here I am sure, and stalking as well with me.

    Your mum needs you at this moment in time, and looking after your family is the number one priority. I lost my father about 5 years ago and have stood by my mother and helped in anyway that I can, although she is a very independant women. I am heartend to hear that your mothers condition is not as bad as first feared. Take care Nick, we will talk soon.

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    Very pleased to hear that your mother is on the mend Steyr. I will save some of the whiskey for you!
    Good on you, mate.
    All the best

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    steyr243 good to see you on the site mate and your mums on the mend,give me a shout if you need owt.dont worry mate we will meet the motley crew at the cla.

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    Hi Steyr 243,
    Have a look mate, you have a P.M.

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