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    is it worth geting your r.f.d. just asking as i am fed up trying to get stuff through the post so was thinking about applying for the r.f.d cert. so is it easy to get and how much would it cost also how long does it last for.

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    Just remember that they will expect a business plan and expect to make a certain percentage of you annual income from the RFD ticket. They will also expect upgraded security and probably CCTV now. 5 years ago Lincs said i should go for an RFD. Now they have changed their tune and to get one would cost be somewhere between 6000-3000 depending on building costs. here we would have to empty the workshop and knock it down and build a new Concrete or brick new one and due to living in a very rural location they have said they will insist on 24hr CCTV coverage. As I don't have that sort of money it will never happen. Plus the turn over to cover the running costs would be more than is reasonably likely to be achieved in this area.

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    i can save you load on that cost mate if your interested...


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