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Thread: Cracking day

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    Cracking day

    Had the invite to try for a buck last Saturday ,down in not so sunny somerset.In fact ,first light was just like a winters day although not cold ,constant drizzle of the type that gets right in you .
    Arrived at my mates at 4.15 am for the journey of 45 minutes to his ground to coincide with daybreak .Spot on timing and we were lead out in position for a call just as the first true rays of light broke through the drizzle .As visabilty got better we saw a mature doe run up a hillock away from us,stop and look behind her, followed shortly by a young 4 pointer and good luck to him .They totally ignored the call and who wouldnt when its a dead cert versus a maybe :whistling:.
    Our calling continued,softly then louder,one the double fieps ,until my mate pointed out a deer on a fence line above us with a corn field above him. A look through the bins revealed a buck, a heavy beast with a dumpy set on his head .It was a fair distance but do-able with the 243 .Ranged him at 187 .He started to take an interest in smething further afield and sniffed the ground as he moved along the fence line so a few very loud blasts on the buttalo of the non- discriptive kind were used to get his attention. I thought at one stage he was going to jump the fence but he never and stood perfectly broadside for a shot to which he hunched,jumped and made a short dash into the corn where he fell . Gave him a few minutes before making in ,marking the post where he was shot .
    A good heart shot was the result which i was pleased with.A stubby head with thick coronets ,a nice wall hanger .

    The day wasnt over yet as my mate had a bit of pigeon shooting in mind and after a bit of breakfast at his off we walked out the back of his place ,two fields over to where a regular feeding spot had been observed.The walk took us through a field of uncut wheat and we were rewarded with a very close veiw of a roe doe on her own we think .

    The shooting went very well with obliging birds all day in singles and small groups .Crows made for most of the morning bag with pigeons on pm .Finished with a bag of 64 pigeons and 27 corvids .
    Once again mate ,thanks for a cracking day out .

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    great pics and great shooting well done ...

    atb f.

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    Nice story and a great day out! Good pics too

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    Sounds like a very enjoyable day. Well done nice buck.

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