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Thread: Silica gel

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    Silica gel

    As we all know moisture and guns don't go well together, next time you buy some hunting boots, put the small packets of silica gel in your weapons cabinet as they will absorb moisture and will hopefully prevent any rust.
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    My thoughts on the silica gel bags.
    They will actually draw moisture into the cabinet that would not normally enter. We used them at work and found this to be the case. I use the V90 oily patch in mine and keep the guns in those oily gun slips/socks from bushwear.


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    We had this query not long ago on a forum in Australia. I live 200 metres from the sea. All I do is clean a firearm the normal way after use and store it in a padded gun case in a steel safe. Have never had any rust or corrosion problems with them yet other steel items in my warehouse show signs of surface rust. Others argued that the gun bags absorbed moisture. Not so in my case.

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    i read some where that they are not good for scopes as well?

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    Oh bugger! Well with all these words of warning I'd better take the few I have out of my cabinet.

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    Hi Jonher, i dont use them in my cabinet but do carry one in my case, in a ziplock bag, after a damp day i wipe the gun and i put the unbagged silica bag in my case with the gun to help draw/ keep moisture out of the foam padding.

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    Silica Gel will draw all the moisture from the woodwork which is present in all stocks and fore-ends leading to cracks and splits and warping... NO NO NO!

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    Have used 750g bags of commercial grade silica beads in the bottom of my cabinets for the last 20+ years and have never suffered any moisture problems, scope problems or woodwork problems.

    I always have a couple of the Napier cabinet vapour pads in there as well just to keep up the protection.

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    I use a cup of dry rice uncooked(obviously) in my cabinet, seems to work well. Change it every couple of months or so.

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    The silica gel pads will enitially draw moisture into them due to the differing vapour pressure between the silica gel and the surrounding air but silica gel can not hold an infinante amount of water vapour and as a result will soon become inactive (unless reactivated by a heat source) or in equlibriam with the surrounding air. So initially by drying your cabinet you will create a draw of moisture into it as your cabinet air tries to find an equalibriam with the air surrounding your cabinet but once the drying process has ceased (due to the silica gel reaching its carrying capacity) then it will be as if the silica gel pads are not there and they will have no negative or posative impact on the moisture content in your cabinet.

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