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Thread: Stalking trip to scotland part 3

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    Stalking trip to scotland part 3

    Well this was Friday and the one day my dad had set aside to go stalking so I went along to see him shoot his first stag with the intention of me being out on Saturday. However Saturday had been set aside as a family day so it was up to Niall to take my dad out so it was Stevie’s time to shine and to take me out with grant as the ghillie. Anyway as it was to be my dads only stag they headed off to where the stags tend to be a little larger and i was off to Corrie vatoc once more but this time it was to be the other side of the corrie.

    Well, first off we had to go to the shop to fill up the argo as it was running low on fuel and Niall had taken the mud ox. After this we were off to the hill. We parked up the navara and set off in the argo a little way before stopping and setting off on foot. We slowly walked up and around the ridges to avoid winding some hinds that had been spotted on the tops and spotted some deer a way off although it was unidentifiable as the heat haze was being picked up by the telescope. Anyway we worked our way towards the deer and it turned out they were stags. So we had a quick lunch and then were off again. Now as I mentioned earlier it was Stevie's time to shine and shine he did. When he came up to see where the stags were he quickly had to duck back down because as we had been making our way towards them, they had been making their way towards us. This had resulted with him popping up behind a boulder on the top of a ridge and seeing a stag less than 10 yards away. We dropped back down and around to another ridge but as they had moved a little closer they were still only 40 yards so it was down once more to the next hill and it was one.

    This group of stags was a cracking group of stags with a couple of really good young stags of 12 points+ and only 5 or 6 in age and this is where the stags are smaller anyway there were 2 switch stags within the group one of which Stevie said was one of the biggest switches he had come across so it was his card that was up. So, Finally I was settled into position at about 80 yards and this stag was going to play ball. There would be no waiting for 2 hours for him to stand (although I wouldn’t have minded so much as it was a very sunny day) as he had decided to stand up almost instantly. He presented broad side and I raised the cross hairs and squeezed the trigger at which point the stag lurched forward and up and over the hillock he had been stood on and another switch ran from behind this hillock. Now that through me a lot because as far as I was aware I had hit him square on the engine room but Stevie said not to worry as it was a different switch and that mine would be lane just on the over side of the little slope and would be stone dead as he was. Anyway grant had just been sent for the argo and there stag was gralloched who had under closer inspection just before he stood had revealed he was a 5 pointer (the 5th point was concealed by the angle) when he when the radio came alive with the sound of Niall’s voice and he said my dad had also had a successful stalk and got a nice 8 pointer. So it was back to the larder (where he came in at 195 pounds to my dads 194) and as both mine and my dad’s stags were in velvet but hard antler the velvet was stripped off and they are being colored up to the same extent, as my first stag was so they look right together. It was a great way to round off what has been one of the most enjoyable weeks of my life and I was leaving very content knowing that that last deer had had both his lungs and heart hit in a textbook shot just behind the shoulder.

    Sorry about the image i had to adjust exposure in photo shop as i was in the shade.

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