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Thread: powder shelf life

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    powder shelf life

    Does powder have a shelf life and if so how do you know if it has reached it ?


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    I do not know about the shelf life of nitro powders but remember reading some where about large stock piles of Ball rifle powder that was made durring the 2nd world war still being sold today in the US of A for reloading .

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    It's normally fine if you keep it dry, cool and dark. If it starts to smell acidic then don't use it, it's starting to break down! If it's absorbed too much moisture you might get ignition problems.

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    reiver:- so thats where IMR have got their new powder 8208 XBR from, WW2 left over stock, I'm still waiting for my order of it, as the RFD says, it's on "back order", it never ends!!!

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    I have some old (probably WWII or Korean War) IMR powders that are still fine. I keep them sealed, cool and dry. If you see clumping, change of color, or other vaiances from the norm, you are probably looking at degradation. Good powder should smell like acetone.

    I found some 8208XBR but the price is $6 higher than other IMR's. That urinated me off enough so as to decide to keep my bill fold in my Levis. The store I was at had about 20 pounds of it.~Muir

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    Hi muir, with all the hype on the 8208 xbr I thought I'd give it a go, getting hold of it is the hard part, as you know this side of the pond getting reliable supplies is like looking for hens teeth, especially here in the midlands, H322 is readily available at 45 per lb equal to $66 US, they certainly believe in holding us to ransom.....callie

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    You guys are getting bent over in the rudest of fashion. Here in my area, powder runs $18 to $26 US depending on the variety. (This for IMR and Hodgdon or Alliant) All import powders are higher. I have been messing around with some Military Surplus Ball powders with 6-digit code names I can't recall. These are cheap ($8 pound in 8-pond kegs) and usually come with either load data or relative burning rates. One I have ia a spherical powder that has a burning rate the same as IMR4895 and it works well. Another is a surplus Accurate Arms powder #2200. This works well in .222 and the like but, again, only comes in 8-pound kegs for about $90 US.

    Too bad you don't have access to these powders. The problem with them, if any, is lack of data. You need to have enough experience reloading to extrapolate loads based on burning rates and then carefully work from there. It's not hard, but some of the boys on this site wouldn't be up to the task, I think. ~Muir

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    Andy, Some of the plods over here would like to send the bomb squad round if you bought an 8lb keg!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    Andy, Some of the plods over here would like to send the bomb squad round if you bought an 8lb keg!
    Gee. I have about 65 pounds of assorted powder. Send them over! I'll entertain them.~Muir

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    You have no idea how fortunate you are. We get what is left over it appears. I went into my local RFD for Varget. He is still laughing some twenty four hours later. Apparantly the importers licence has expired so our wonderful Customs and Excise people are sitting on it. Now there's a thought. Varget 47.00p ( I think that works out at $75) per POUND.

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