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Thread: Which Dies?

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    Which Dies?

    I've decided to move up from a hammer and a Lee hand press and have just ordered a Lee Anniversary Kit from Cabelas (52 shipped, unreal! Yes, I know there might be a bit of duty...sometimes they get you, sometimes they don't)

    Now I need to know what dies you experienced chaps use. I'm veering towards the Lee Deluxe set but any advice gratefully received.

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    I am slowly getting into this reloading thing, I have been told that the Lee Deluxe Rifle Dies are the best. Gutted though, I just got a set of Colett dies with a crimp die but have beeen told that you cant get the Full Length Resizer Die seperatley......Now I'm looking at getting a Deluxe Rifle Die Set.

    Hope that helps.


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    Tartinjock, you should be able to purchase a Lee full length resizing die direct from the factory outlet. They post very quick and the cost will be less than here in the U.K.
    Look up and follow the links.

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    Cheers for the Pointers, Lee Factory have been emailed.

    Sorry, Frax, didn't mean for your post to be hijacked...


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    No worries mate, answers my question too!

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    i have got redding dies for my 30-06, lee pace setters rof my 7mm, rcbs in 243 and some others in 223. They are all fine. I always full length resize, but some neck size only in which case your collet dies are the ticket. I also started with an aviversary kit. they are fine, as time has gone on i have changed a few bits. I now have an rcbs chamfer tool and primer pocket brush. a set of case length trimmers for all, an rcbs loading block. I make my own lube.

    But i use the press, the powder hopper, the scales and powder funnel all the time.


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    Frax, I started with an Anniversary kit years ago and Lee Deluxe dies, I have overtime acquired different bits and pieces in different makes but I still use the same dies. I only ever neck size so they do me fine


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    Re: dies

    Quote Originally Posted by swampy
    I make my own lube.
    tell us more!

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    i get some 99% isopropyl alcohol and some lanolin i think i used 125ml of lanolin to 500 ml of alcohol. I mixed them together, warm the lanolin up ontop of the radiator in the kitchen so it is really runny. i put the mixture in a spray cooking oil bottle.

    When i want to use it i put it on the radiator or in the sun for an hour then shake it very well.

    i put my cases in the loading block then spray them over with it. A few minutes later the alcohol has all gone and i can press them no problem.

    i then wipe them off and do the primer pockets.

    i clean them in a bucket of hot water and washing up liquid.
    and leave them to dry.

    The ingedients i get from ebay and it lasts for ages and ages.


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