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Thread: Sika Stag Stalking Scotland

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    Sika Stag Stalking Scotland

    I have a couple of places open for the week of 26th Sept to 2nd Oct for Sika Stags in the rut on my lease of 8000 acres which is North of Inverness.

    Accommodation is available on the lease with all meals, bed linen supplied. Not all trophy hunting, spikers can be taken with up to 8 pointers also available. Some Red Stag but very limited as this is primariliy Jap Sika.

    Outing fees are 60 per outing. For futher information PM Sikamalc.


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    What do the trophy fees range from and to?

    Kind Regards,


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    i could you please tell me the trophy cost thank you

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    PM's sent, if you want to discuss please call me on the mobile. Lots of interest on this one!

    Just so everyone knows the outing fee includes any spiker Japs within the outing fee, there is no Kill fee. If its a nice Jap 6 to 8 pointer the trophy fee applies, but I deduct the outing fee for the time, so its only the trophy fee.

    Accommodation in Scotland is walk straight out the door of the lodge and start stalking, rooms all centrally heated, linen supplied, and two meals. Booze not included!!


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