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Thread: caravan advice!

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    caravan advice!

    rite peeps
    never thought id see masel asking this but looking for advice on caravans.......
    fond memories of a kid and camping n caravan holidays ...ok my 2 young uns might be a wee bit young at the moment but idea of caravaning with them 2 n the wife

    thing is.....i know sod all bout caravans.......anyone on here genned up a bit got one/ ...or advice

    would be for 2 adults n 2 kids

    sauer / paul

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    Hi Paul,
    tricky things to manoeuvre those caravans. Might be worth taking a look at this educational video before buying one.

    Good luck mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sauer View Post

    thing is.....i know sod all bout caravans.......

    sauer / paul
    Best kept that way Paul in my opinion

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    A caravan for a wife and two kids.....sounds like a fair swap

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    Join the caravan and camping club or the caravan club. well spent 35 notes. The first booking will save you the membership. Make sure of the chassis if buying second hand especially arround the drawbar. That said there is a lot of nice caravans at the right money.

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    There are so many differant layouts, you need to find one that will suit your family. Fixed beds are good and less hassle to sort.
    We got on well with a fixed bed at the rear and the kids slept on the seats at the front. We had a great time in ours.............................................. until it was stolen!!!!
    My advice would be to buy the biggest one you can afford but look into the insurance costs before you part with your hard earned cash. Also look at storage costs and service costs if you have warranty to keep up.
    I rekon ours cost 1250.00 pa to keep!!
    Hope this helps.

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    Make sure you get a four berth and not a three,otherwise you may struggle. ATB Rich

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    Just buy that Tammy Wynnette record.....


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    best speaking to some of the romani gypsies whom are on here.


    thats a good start they will keep you right.

    i believe they are experts in tent living...

    get the fire going

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    Speaking from personal experience----DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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