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Thread: Humane Dispatch of Deer

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    Humane Dispatch of Deer

    These lower hind legs were sent to me by a contact in the West Country. The history is as follows: This animal was seen in considerable distress on a deer sanctuary run by a highly political organisation last autumn. It was repeatedly reported to them. No action was taken,by them About 2 weeks ago it wandered off the the property onto ground stalked by my contact who promptly shot it. As you will see in the photos the right hind leg is considerably shortened. This is due to destruction of the growth plate. I have taken xrays and other photos. thought may be of interest to forum members. When i have had the chance to reassemble the bones would members be interested in further photos?




    Normal Joint


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    Thanks Norman,
    Yes please, more photos and an article too if you have the time. Itís great to have a forum vet. How many other sites can boast that!

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    thanks morena
    your friend has done a good thing buy putting this beast out of its misery as that could not of been a pleasant way to survive , i for one would be interested in more pics

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    is your friend near Baronsdown by any chance?

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    very interesting

    Thanks for that, it was very interesting.


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    I can confirm the aforementioned animal was not near the Baronsdown sanctuary. Whilst being one of the larger sanctuaries Baronsdown is not the only one, several exist within quite a small area and most hold deer.


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    And to think they had some dappy tart representative on Landward at the weekend denouncing all game bird farms as being centres of cruelty and game bird rearers as sons of Satan. It really does piss me off, they are so bloody cruel and heartless and have the nerve to think that managing deer etc. is cruel, are they misguided, uninformed or just thick!


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    Dappy is about right JayB. I watched 'Countrycobblers' to and thought that the good old beeb really helped to put the boot in, whilst little miss farty knickers talked a complete load of 6th form essay bull poo!

    Hello Rights 'n3,
    Itís very good to hear from you again.

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    Can I ask, and I hope this is OK, but can you also post these pics on my forum or can I copy would be very useful.

    Many thanks


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    Feel free to post pictures and story on your site. When I have time and the bones have dried out am going to reassemble and will post more photos.

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