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Thread: stalking invite

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    stalking invite

    A few of you may remember an invite i had a little while ago to stalk in snowdonia. Well I have had another good invite.

    I have been invited to scotland to stalk a Cullen Skink. I am not sure what kit i should take or which rifle. I think the Stags are in season. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    swampy steve

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    Hello Swampy,

    If you are "Stalking" a Cullen Skink, I think you should take a fishing rod and an aprin for cooking.....

    Hope that helps


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    Something fishy here

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    A very worthy quarry, much underrated but absolutley delicious on the table.

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    I always use my haggis gun loaded with split shot

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    Just remember your spoon and napkin and loads of warm crusty bread mate enjoy!!!!!


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    Best bit of scoff that will pass your mouth. Just make sure they use fresh prawns and smoked haddock. It is a meal in its own right, especially with a nice piece of fresh bread and butter. HMMMMMM dont suppose they will have that for starter at the Crown Inn on Saturday night

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    A good one should be so salty it cuses kidney failure! Top scran that!

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    I had Cullen Skink in Tain last year when Sikamalc invited me to stalk on his ground. The restaurant, ĎThe Glenmorangie was very impressive building but they had run out of beer and the food was terrible! All apart from the Skink. I have eight tins of 'Old Granny Baxterísí Cullen Skink in the kitchen cupboard now, itís my favourite! It reminds me of very happy times.

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    thats not how you spell train Mr B

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