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Thread: Swarovski 6X42 Scope.

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    Swarovski 6X42 Scope.

    For sale, 6x42 Habicht. Odd minor small marks from rings etc. In overall good condition. Lenses are unmarked as new and the scope is optically perfect.
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    Is this still available? If so how old is this scope? Optically how does it stack up with what is currently on the market?

    Also, how is Swaro after-sale care with second hand scopes?


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    The scope is still available. It is 8yrs old and is optically superb.Equally as good as (probably better than) currently produced S&B etc..
    Certainly far superior to 290 worth of new scope from a mid range optic producer.
    Swarovski after sales care is second to none which is why the risk of second hand purchase (within reason) is diminished with this brand. If it's faulty, they will sort it.
    The lenses are totally unmarked as new. You would pay 550+ if the 6x42 was still made.
    PM me if you are interested.
    Thanks .

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    Hi All,
    Just a quick note, I sent a swarovski back that was not holding zero
    the scope was 19 year's old. Scope returned new reticule fitted and no
    charge brilliant.


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    I was wonderuing is this a 1inch tube or 30mm.


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    It was a 1inch tube but it is now sold.

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