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Thread: Double Rifle Slings

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    Double Rifle Slings

    Is anyone able to offer some advice regarding double rifle slings?

    I find it quite annoying having to keep adjusting and holding the rifle sling (so as to keep the rifle in an upright position) when stalking with a rifle with a heavy moderator (as the weight of the moderator always seems to push the barrel backwards, forcing the stock forward).

    I have seen the following advertised:

    and this one:

    Are such types of slings functional/practical?

    Any views oh wise ones of the Stalking Directory?

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    contact ash 243 on hear or look at top class stuff.

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    Y.W.:- if you're prepared to spend a tenner, Aldi are selling a fishing holdall, not much bigger than a rifle slip, and they have double sling straps and good sized carrying pockets, just a thought.....callie

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    Callie - are you pulling my...?!

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    Cheers Topgun. Make sure you say hi to Ice Man for me!


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    I had the same issue with my rifle, it's a synthetic stock with a varmint barrel and the stock wanted to swing forward. I now use one of these and it's great:

    My Hunting Blog: click here

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    Cheers Jonher - I'll take a look.


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    I have the Niggeloh slings on all my rifles they are a very good bit of kit.

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    I use a Niggeloh (and Ash does similar in Leather) as I spend most of my time with sticks and bino's in Forest and clearfell. All I do is pres the clip on my left (off) side and then what you have is a normal sling to slip off and then set sticks/mount/etc.

    Wouldn't be without one. Don't need to carry a sack etc.


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    Thanks Deepocean and Smullery - I'll take a look at those as well.


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