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Thread: Hi folks, this is my intro as a new member

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    Hi folks, this is my intro as a new member

    We moved north 7 years ago to Aviemore area as a "quality of life" decision, and to pursue my passion for deer. I had for many years taken individual weeks in the Highlands for stags, and stalked a few roe in Yorkshire. But the time came for a much more involved life style!

    For 4 years I was Fishery Manager on Rothiemurchus Estate, but am now employed as Wild Deer Best Pracice Officer by Scottish Natural Heritage (formerly Deer Commission for Scotland, but merged with SNH on 1st August). I am also Secretary, Highland Branch, British Deer Society, and Secretary, Cairngorm Speyside Deer Management Group. I wanted to get involved in the local community and put something back into the sector. It seems to have worked

    In the past I have contributed articles to the now defunct Stalking Magazine, and am very keen on writing.

    I now stalk regularly on 14,000 acres of high and low ground for roe, and am having the time of my life!!

    Speak soon.

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    Hi Mike
    Now then - Really good to see you on here,
    With your experience affiliation to various deer management groups/organisations and taking into your current role as Wild Deer Best Pracice Officer for Scottish Natural Heritage, you are well placed to add up to speed accurate information, This can only help in giving clarity to the membership of this site.

    Look forward to seeing your opinions and advice.


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    Welcome. I will see you at the Scottish Council meeting on the 30th.

    SW Branch

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    Welcome to the SD Site, a fair few members live just around the corner form you in all directions. You are very well placed to answer some burning questions that may need clearing up once the jungle drums start.

    As you are a keen writer, hope to read up on some of your stories.

    All The Best.

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    Hi Mike,

    Glad you have made it on to the site, it's full of information, great discussions and humour.

    Look forward to seeing you at the weekend.


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    Ahhh, Rothiemurchus! That brings back memories of a few years ago, being up for the skiing and finding the road up to the accommodation at the lodge 'challenging'!

    Anyway, welcome aboard.

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    Mike, welcome With your CV, I hope you have a thick skin and a Kevlar helmet. Some of the lads here don't take prisoners...


    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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