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Thread: Nosler 95gn Silvertips

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    Nosler 95gn Silvertips

    Hi guys,

    anyone used these for deer? Ive just found a near full box of them in my ammo cabinet.. I must have bought them for foxes..

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    I have shot 60 or 70 roe a muntjack and a couple of sika with them and they have never let me down.


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    I purchased four boxes of these because my local RFD struggled to get anything I wanted.

    During the last three years I have used them on roe only and have never had a beast ask to speak to the complaints department.

    In the words of the advert they do exactly what it says on the tin. An excellent bullet.

    What a pity my RFD claims he cannot get anymore.

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    Have they stopped production of them now? what was carcass damage like with chest shots?

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    there is a reasonable amount of bruising but if you put it in the right place there is not that much meat there on a roe any way.


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    I believe they are still in production under the CT label which is part of Nosler. It is just far too difficult for my RFD to order them. It is a problem we have north of the border. Why do some people make life difficult.

    Damage wasn't an issue. OK if you hit a rib then the exit wound was larger but still acceptable. If you hit a shoulder then damage was significant.

    I am down the road in three weeks and will endeavour to replenish stocks.

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    A good Roe round.......also good on foxes......Reloading Solutions have bucket loads of them.

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    ive got 50 heads so will make them up and see how i get on, think i will stick with my tried and tested BTSP on the whole though, cheaper too!

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