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Thread: 6.5 x 55 Sika

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    6.5 x 55 Sika

    After talking to Lakey last night re Sika Stags in the rut. Im looking for a good bullet head to load for my 6.5 x 55 for just that situation. At present I am using 120 Sierra Pro hunters with 49 grains of N160 which has been a superb combination on Roe knocking them flat with no runners and no meat damage. I used the same on the two prickets the other night but as Im looking to get more land with the possibility of Sika on it I would like something with a bit my 'poke' in order to stop any chance of a runner in the rut.

    I still want to if possible use N160 and would imagine bullet head from 150-160 grains, maybe a round nose would be best? does anyone have any ideas of a suitable bullet head to use?

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    I use 46 grains N160 with a Barnes TSX, Knocks everything on its arse including Huge lowland Reds and south Coast Sika.

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    120gr BT's. I think Norma do a factory load for the Swede.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I would take more notice of where you shoot the stags. In the rut they can carry a shot no matter what legal calibre you use.

    In the rut shoot them in the shoulder, because believe me they will run on many occassions, and will also show little sign of being hit.



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    Hi Malc

    Thats what Andy said too and I agree with you both, but he also said the bigger bullet would make a larger wound channel as it went through the deer , so if a shot was say slightly high and the leg wasnt broken the wound would most probably have a lager exit hole and in doing so a wee bit more blood lost and so make tracking easier when in thick scrub or woodland. I know when I shot the two with the 120 grain the exit wound on the first was spot on and blood was evident on the exit side, but the second deer had no blood evident on the hair of the exit side...even though a two pence size hole had been put in both sides of the rib cage.



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    I don't know if they still do - but Hornady used to make a round nose bullet in 140 grains. I don't have a catalogue but expect you could find out on the web. They made nice groups. I never did try them on Sika though. Maybe best to follow the advice of those who have bowled them over.

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    155gn Lapua Megas will do the trick.


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    Pete this in know way trying to high jack your thread. Sikamalc i 100% agree with your shot placement but with your Sika deer knowledge would you not feel a good constructed hard bullet is best used for this type of shot, as i have seen polymer tips or soft bullets (.243-308-.30-06) disintegrate on impact!!!!!!! and Bambie is running on three legs as opposed to being out for the count or trying to run on two legs!!!!!!Sika Malc i ask this as question NOT a debate.

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