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Thread: Federal Classic (Power Shock) 130g

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    Federal Classic (Power Shock) 130g

    I am relatively new to stalking and have been using Federal Classic (Power Shock) 130g with my Tikka T3 .270.

    Whilst at a rifle range, an experienced instructor made the following comment to me: "Don't know why you're using that ammo, it's $hit! - I wouldn't have it if it was given to me".

    I understand the chap is a self-loader and no doubt considers his "home brew" to be far superior, however, is there any merit in his obvious distaste with this classic American beauty?


    Yorkshire Wharfe

    P.S. Needless to say he was happy to take my empty shells!

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    When I first brought my T3 (6.5x55) all I could buy was Federal Power Shock in 140gr. I could shot 3 or 4 in a good group then get a flyer, this was consistent I thought it was me until I tried several different home loads and then got good 5 shot groupings.

    Looking at the Federal rounds, they are all different lengths, some of the heads were slightly angled, others straight, I assume that is just down to factory machines mass loading. However if they suit your rifle why change?

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    Stick with them, i am going back to them for roe. If you can group them to about an inch at 100 that's enough. Too many people obsess about tiny groups on ranges....

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    Don't like the Federals at all. Horrendous muzzle blast, recoil is noticeable also.

    Funny, the round nose 150's weren't so bad when I last tried them.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I too shoot this ammo and have done for the last 6years, to very good effect. I think it is quite poor when an "instructor" is telling his student that his choice of ammo is *h*t. He will probably be a real gun nut who thinks it is an absolute must to shoot 5 rounds through the same hole while sat at a bench with his gun nicley packed up on sand bags, while i dont take anything away from his thoughts on target shooting, it is very different matter in the field. If you are getting good exits with your Federal and a nice blood trail then what is the problem? I say stick with them buddy.
    ATB Rich

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    i have used them with my .223 for over 10 years, never had a problem with them, and for the last 5 years in my .308 and im happy with them in that also.

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    Very wise words 1995rs - obviously spoken by a man who knows his stuff. Perhaps you could regale us with some of your stories from the field?

    For clarity, I'm no target shooter...I was just zeroing.

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    Ive never had any problem with Federal Powershock in .223 / .303 / .308 and 25/06.......if you are confident with it stick with it........if not theres plenty of other ammo to try.........then stick with what works for you..........all the best and have fun experimenting !!!

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    Ive used powershock 140 grain in 6,5.55 very accurate round, recently used 117 grain in 25.06 again a very accurate round.

    A mate used 100 grain powershock in .243 swore by them.


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    there is not one thing wrong with it , i use it at times in my 270 .never had a problem .it shoots sub inch at 150yds in my sako .

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